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Trinity Money Advice Leicester

A ministry of Holy Trinity Church based in the centre of Leicester.

We are here to help people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in debt and need help in finding a solution to the problems they face.

We assist individuals, couples or families, whether working or in receipt of pensions or benefits.

Our services are free and open to everybody irrespective of race, ethnic origin, marital status, religion, age, gender, disability, sex and gender re-assignment or sexual orientation.

We offer support, guidance and counselling and can provide the following services:

  • Debt management - helping people to assess their financial position and sort out their debts
  • Negotiating with creditors - where people are unable to meet their debts negotiate with creditors to agree a phased or partial payment or a complete ‘write off’.
  • Assist with solutions - such as Debt Relief Orders or Bankruptcy
  • Basic Budgeting and Money Skills – helping people gain confidence in handling their day-to-day finances

Please note that we cannot assist with business debt, provide investment or regulated financial advice or give any form of financial support.

We are a member of Community Money Advice, a registered charity that helps thousands of people overcome money problems in over 100 money advice centres nationwide.

If you need help please contact us using the details on either our home or contact pages.

‘Offering Hope where there is Debt’

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